Stora Salen

Stora Salen

The hall most strongly associated with the AF castle is undoubtedly Stora Salen (“the Great Hall”).

Throughout the years, hundreds of thousands students have amused themselves in the impressive venue. Spex (traditional musical often with historic theme), balls, concerts, fairs, discos – Stora Salens walls have seen it all. This heart of the castle has a versatility that allows it to be utilized in as diverse types of arrangements

  • Minister meetings, fairs, career days, and conferences.
  • Theatre, humour festivals, musicals and concerts.
  • Tuxedo dinners, banquets, student parties etc

Around the hall runs a balcony with seating for 90 people. It is used for example during theatre performances and concerts. The main stage is a fully equipped theater and is booked separately. The venue is part of Lund University’s conference center. This means that the audience in Stora Salen in real time, via the screens in front of the stage, can follow the lectures from Palaestra, and University Hall. Adjacent to the hall is a large foyer with mobile bars.


  • Theater 646 pers
  • School 225 pers
  • Dinner 520 pers